Monday, February 4, 2013

Onyx tribute...

Camryn here:
While I'm content with the cats for company, I must say we're still missing Onyx.  Course we have plenty of trophies, ribbons, pictures and a few pieces Mom did of Onyx over the years.  And of course his childrens will continue him in one of the best ways ever. 
Yet Mom still felt that wasn't enough.  Nothing ever truly will be but, she decided a good way to remember our dear friend was in a painting.  One that showed him doing something he truly loved & that was playing with Mom:
R.I.P. our dear Onyx you will always be loved by all who knew you.  Specially Mom n Me.


  1. Amazing! Your mom is so talented :)

    1. Thanx, her prefers pencil though cause she can make it more real like for some reason.

  2. This is such a fantastic tribute. Onyx looks so happy and energetic. Mom does have great talent!

  3. Not sure why you don't paint professionally......just sayin;)

  4. That's a perfect tribute for your dear lost friend, a beautiful painting of a very handsome dog :-)