Friday, February 22, 2013

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Camryn here:
While awaiting my new saddle, Mom's been tracking it (nearly every 5 minutes) as it travels to us.  Right now it's in San Francisco, a place neither Mom or I have ever been!!!  We're also awaiting spring, SIGH will it ever come.  Here is what I seem to recall it looking like...
All flowery n green stuff...

Me looking a lot less fuzzy & surrounded by yummy greenery.
Course with allergies to midges spring isn't always a good thing.  I expect to look like this lots too!
Whilst we wait other things go on.  Such as I had my pedicure/manicure today, Sherry says my feets are awesome as usual.  Though she did also mention I'm a bit to ample!  Grrrr, shoulda misbehaved after that rude comment!  Stead I just leaned on her to she'd get a good feel of my ampleness hee hee!
Also proving what a good girl I am, while Mom was providing room service & I was munching the gate blew open yesterday.  Mom saw my head pop way up, she looked outa my room and saw the gate to the yard was open.  As I took a few steps forward Mom shouted Whoa!  Good girl that I am, I whoa'd.  Mom walked past me, shut the gate, then told me how wonderful I am.  Darn, if I hadn't been a good girl, I'd have headed out the gate and had some good munches.  Maybe next time?


  1. We are waiting for spring, too. And we just got hit with a bunch of snow :(

    You are so good! Can you share some of that with Shy?

    1. Mom admits to being a bit stunned when I whoa'd for the open gate!!! She'd been expecting a chase scene!

  2. We wait, we wait, and wait some more.

  3. Spring must surely come soon? You and The Mini will look the same in you rugs, just imagine how you'd look side by side, little and large in mighty bug armour - cute!

    1. Add Zoe in her Boett and we'd be triplets!!!