Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hanging the nets...

I hadn't been using the slow feed nets for the boyz because of Pippins lip warts. Well, his warts are gone now YIPPEE!!! 
So I filled two nets and hung them in the run in area...
Pippin oddly enough was the one who figured it out right away...

Merlin got it but, he wasn't happy about the change.

Musical bags were played frequently the first two days. Merlin would "think" Pippins bag must be giving more hay, due to Pippin be perfectly content. He'd chase Pippin off, rinse &!repeat often. 

One flake in each at the moment is lasting 3 days!  Night time they get loose hay while stalled. I'm thinking I'll pick up a few more nets so they'll have something thru the entire night as it gets colder. 
They still have access to their field, using their nets before heading out at breakfast,when the weather keeps them from wanting to venture out & in the evening. 
With Camryn she'd be in the paddock thru winter, her huge feet wouldn't be kind to the ground, her appetite wouldn't have allowed grass to rebound. I'm hoping/thinking the Mini's won't destroy the field. And having room to run means fewer arguments. Yup, they still behave like siblings!


  1. I love my slow feed nets. Irish was quite grumpy about them at first but Carmen got it right away.

    1. Grace loved hers. She'd leave hay on the ground and go for the net every time.

  2. I used to let my horses do the merry-go-round thing at feeding time, but Bombay got super skinny. I thought he was sick, but the vet said he was fine. She had me put him on supplements to fatten him up. I eventually figured out that some horses eat a lot faster than other horses, and with all the jostling about during feeding time, Bombay wasn't getting nearly enough to eat and Gabbrielle was getting way too much. So, now I have to feed them separately so that the older horses don't get the short end of the stick.

    1. With hard feed Pippin eats his quickly, then "thinks" he can finish Merlins. I always stay right there till Merlins is finished.