Friday, December 23, 2016

Santa's new helper...

Well, Lincoln saw this pic as I was looking on FB the other day...

Photo credit goes to Patty's Pony Place, they sell Carts, harnesses and other driving gear. 
Lincoln is now convinced that Santa borrows his Merlin as one of his helpers.  Lincoln has only asked for one specific Santa gift in both his letter and on his visit to Santa.  Oddly enough it's an ice cream maker.  Even odder is Hubby has always dreamed of getting one so they could make ice cream together and had one ordered!
Santa & Merlin have delivered it here, Merlin somehow got some of his mane & tail in the box!
This is going to be fun ❤️


  1. This sounds so exciting! An ice cream maker? That would be so wonderful and dangerous, lol.

    1. Grampa and/or Daddy will assist in the making, Lincoln is just 3 after all. No one has any idea how he came up with wanting one either. We'll be having ice cream with our pies though.