Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What a brat...

Yeah, Mr. Merlin gives off the appearance of an innocent lil guy. 
It's a total scam...

Though he does seem very apologetic lol. And I do understand, keeping Pippin in his place is a full time job. 
Today was mani/pedi day. I dropped Lincoln off at preschool, contained the boyz out in the paddock area. Then went in to bundle little Jefferson up so he could supervise in his stroller behind the inside gate. 
Sherry arrived, I haltered Merlin, turned to halter Pippin. Merlin leaped at him, front actually airborne, grabbed hold of an ear and would not let go!!!  Poor Pippin, he couldn't buck, rear, or fight back in any way. All he could do was spin in a circle & hope for Mercy. I had a halter in hand and wholluped  Merlin in the bum. He let go and they both ran off. 
I went to halter him again and no way was he allowing anything near his ear. Couldn't blame him. So, we took Merlin in, shutting Pippin outside. One reason, so he couldn't retaliate which he would do. Secondly, when it was his turn he'd want to come in. 
Merlin was a perfect lil gentleman for his trim. We put him in the stall, let Pippin in and closed the door. One nice thing about Mini's, even if they don't wish  to be cooperative, you can just do it. He still didn't want me near that ear, couldn't blame him but, the halter had to go on and I got r done. Oddly, he was a gentleman as well. His rear feet can be hit or miss with picking up. No kicking, just argumentative at times. 
Hoofies all done, feet looking good and no damage to the ear. Just his ego! 
Honest, I'm sorry!!!


  1. Oh dear! the Boyz in the hood are bad!

  2. Oh my. How unexpected. I can't pet my dogs Midge or Scrappy without Stewie attacking them. He grabs Midge's ear all the time and tries to steer her around the house. Maybe Minis have more in common with dogs than we realize.

    1. All I know is he's a smart littl bugger. He figured out Pippins Achilles heel for sure. Like in the Vets office there is a certain way to grab the nape of the neck so you don't get nailed. The ear is Pippins apparently.