Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's here...pic heavy

Yup, snow!  About three inches, though our wind distributes it about, causing it to vary...
I've been spotted by Pippin...

I imagine they're coming in to see what I plan to do about the disappearance of their grass...

Pippin: "It's gone all gone!"

Merlin: "I keep telling him to just dig a little. He's such a Pipsqueak!"

That nose, I just want to kiss it...

This nose too of course. 


Trying to mimic Pippins coloring?

The girls have the right idea. 

They can come in at anytime but, chose to while I cleaned. 

Just because. 


  1. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow!

    1. I find it highly over rated don't you! We've since changed to ice & snow 😖

  2. I cracked up at IT'S ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *LOL*

    1. The way he came running all worried. I reminded him there's always hay in the barn. Wonder if he's a southern boy? His coat took longer to prepare for winter and still isn't as abundant as Merlins.