Thursday, December 15, 2016

They do have fun too...

I was back in the barn cleaning yesterday afternoon & I hear a commotion outside. I went out and the boyz are having a blast, racing, rearing, face fighting. While it was only 9 degrees out, I couldn't help but to stand and watch. They'd been playing a full 15 minutes before I thought to pull out my phone and video...

What fun to watch them play, seems I post so often about their arguing. They do enjoy one another at times too. Pippin is much faster than Merlin, due to age difference or build, I have no idea. They do enjoy a good race that's for sure.
Today we've been doing the "polar vortex" weather, -11 degrees with the sun out!  They stayed mainly in their run in area or on the patio, I don't think I saw them out in the field at all!  So glad Hubs added the windbreak, it's made a major difference.  The dogs go out, pee and dash back in, except for Ivy who's main goal is to snag a Poopsicle! 😖
Lincoln's pre-school had a Christmas play today, sooooo adorable.  He'd planned on singing super loud to make sure I heard him. Don't think he'd realized the crowd he'd be in front of. He kind of froze at first, once he spotted all the faces that love him he joined in and did great though.


  1. They are so very adorable. I love how bonded they seem to be. I bet the concert was adorable too. :)

  2. Sometimes I wonder. They both came from being the only Mini! Merlin before that had been an only period. I'm guessing hanging with someone your own size may be new to both.