Wednesday, December 14, 2016

No Mini's were harmed...

Sometimes all is peaceful with the boyz, sometimes not so much...
Yup, all hell broke loose...

Rearing, biting...

Kicking out! Short legs don't accomplish much...

Such a loving relationship!  "NOT"...

Gotcha cornered now pipsqueak...

"WHAT, I'm not doing anything!"

This wasn't an average night thankfully.
In their field, Pippin can be indeed a pipsqeak, or what you'd call a "total dick!" Merlin will be minding his own business, grazing, napping, peeing, doesn't matter. I'll see Pippin shake his head and "kablam", he's charging and harassing Merlin. Pippin is much faster and can get away before Merlin realizes what's hit him. Pippin takes off like any little brother who knows he's pissed big brother off big time. 
When I stall them for the night, I've found letting Pippin in first is the best way to go. They each head to their bowl quietly & eat. Merlin first I can just about guarantee chaos!  He'll kick out with both barrels, backing into Pippin on some nights as he comes in. I'm just guessing but, perhaps he's 1. Letting Pippin know he's not taking any shit or 2. REVENGE for the days/weeks events?  This night was no holds barred.
 Pippin may have been worse than usual in the field that day!  Last nights full moon they came in nearly holding hands oddly enough. 


  1. Oh geez. They seem to be trying to work out something. I'm glad they don't kick and bite hard enough to injure each other. I've seen my horses attack each other when one of them is innocently laying down to roll in the sand. I'm pretty sure that's how Gabbrielle lost the tip of her ear. Bombay probably stepped on it while she was rolling.

    1. I've seen Pippin go at Merlin when he's rolling. Pippin seems rather stud dish, my trimmer picked up on it right away too. Even though he wasn't acting up in her presence.

  2. There was a mini Shetty foal at the place Baasha lived when he first arrived in Germany and since Baasha was always the lowest horse, but just above this baby, the Shetty would attack him viciously every time Baasha would lay down to roll. I took photos and blogged it...way back in 2008: )

    1. Sure hope that's not the case when I get my hoped for riding horse again in 3ish years.