Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's a hard job...

Poor boyz have such a hard job this winter...

Looking cute...

And eating!

Love their winter beards. Merlin has found nose kisses to be totally acceptable now.  Pippin is in the "please scratch  under my chin" stage. 

Pippin: "What's "you little S--- you mean?"  

Said affectionately of course. He's such a sweetheart when he's not "a little S---!
I'm hoping I've found a way to hopefully stop Merlins giving Pippin both barrels if he's in the stall first. Last night I had the buggy whip ready. Merlin began his routine as Pippin tried to hurry past him. Merlins little black bottom got a wee whack!  He was stunned & seemed more insulted than anything. I'll have the buggy whip handy tonight as well. 


  1. Oh man, I wish I could predict exactly when Gabbrielle is going to kick the boys, because I'd have my whip ready too. What is that ball in the picture? I looks like something my horses would have fun playing with. Although, Rock would probably rip Bombay's teeth out trying to get it away from him... so maybe not.

    1. Forget what it's called. It's a dog toy I used for when Camryn played basket ball. It's rubber, my hard chew dogs have yet to destroy theirs. Pippin moves it around, otherwise the Mini's don't play with it enough to know how much abuse it would take.

  2. Replies
    1. I so agree, reminds me of when my boys were little & what I'm in for as the Grandsons start arguing!