Monday, April 2, 2012

Grass at last...

Camryn here:
FINALLY, Mom is letting me have grass!!!  Her started hand grazing me yesterday in the yard.  Her says I'm her weed wacker, she's taking me to all the places Dad couldn't get with the mower.  Only the sections of yard that I won't sink in, and only for bout 10 minutes at a time right now.  Yum, yum, YUM...
Oh, Mom n Dad went to a Fire Dept. fish fry this weekend.  My oldest human brother (Chris) is a Fireman guy.  So Mom got to talking to Chris landlord who she already knows.  He has a barn with 26 Mules, Donkey's, Mini Donkey's and Mini Horses. The Mules her rides and drives, the others he rescued.  He offered Mom a Mini Donkey for free.  Mom had to say no for two reasons 1. Dad was there and 2. We don't got room.  BUT, Mom told me that next year they're planning to sell this place and buy a place with more acreage.  Mom says maybe then she'll give Tim a call and see if we can get a few suitable friends with hooves for me!!!  Reason for moving is they plan on having Grampa Ivan move here, they'll be looking for something with an In-Law (Mom calls them Out-Laws though) suite.  That way they can make sure Ivan is doing good, and they'll all maintain their privacy too.  Mom says Grampa used to raise chickens when he was young for 4H, so she said if he'd like they can get some chickens and he can teach her bout them.  That way he'll have a job or at least an interest to keep him busy.


  1. How exciting! The possibility of a mini donkey! Sounds like a good plan with Grampa Ivan!

    And yay for the grass! I bet you have been waiting a long time to taste its deliciousness.

  2. 4 hooves up about green grass. We love our green grass. In fact, our Mrs. Owner practically has to drag us into the barn at night! A mini donkey would be so much fun. Kinda like having an instant little brother/sister!