Friday, April 20, 2012

Needed: Party Planner...

Camryn here:
I'm in need of a Party Planner.  I recall promising a party when I got my hay delivered.  Well, it's here "BOOYA"!  Mom n Dad will be out all day at Gramma's 80th birthday party, so that'll work best I think.  The new hay looks, smells & tastes delicious.  Got at least a hundred bales I'm guessing. Oh, and my new Omega supplement stuff came today too, it's way yummy so we can use those for an appetizer.  Any thoughts on games we can play, besides basketball of course.  Doc n Pippin please bring your cart, maybe we can have pony version pony rides?  Perhaps pin the tail on the human?  Anyone attending must be nice to my dog Onyx by the way.  Otherwise I'll have to kick bootee! Oh, could you Zoe bring along your Boett Rug, I'll wear mine too and we can tell ghost stories!!!  Ooooh Yeah, this is gonna be fun!
I had a big scare today, the hay man decided to dump all the loose hay in my paddock, this was a wonderful idea I thought.  That is until the truck bed started rising up off the truck making big noise.  The higher it got the bigger my eyes got.  Mom had me on a lead rope and kept me in one place, she calmly took deep breaths and said "eeeeasy, eeeeasy girl" over n over.  This really helped as I didn't take off or nothing bad.  Mom did ask Dad, "have you ever seen a tap dancing horse before?".  That's what I did, I'd jig my fronts, then my backs, fronts, then backs...When it was over and I was still Mom let out a big deliberate sigh so I let out an even bigger one like this "SIGH".  Then she clicked n treated me, the truck pulled away and she led me over to all the lovely loose hay it'd dumped.  Felt liked I'd almost gone to H#$^, then took a shortcut to Heaven!  Darn maybe I shoulda saved that for one of the ghost stories?


  1. Haha! Yay for the hay! And I don't blame you for being scared of the dump truck! But it all worked out in the end, with you getting more hay!

    Shy is pretty good at party planning, she always has a party when I'm gone. She likes games like Spin the Bottle (to mess with all her geldings) and dress up. I will let her know :)

  2. Doc & Pippin here... sure, we can bring the cart - but we'll make sure the drag harrow and manure spreader are left behind! We also have white fly sheets we can wear for the ghost stories! When do we break out?

  3. ooooooh party time. Ghost stories sound great. Lorry full of hay in your field.......omg I am on my way.
    We can swap tips on how to irritate sorry that should be amuse our humans.

  4. Camryn here:
    OK tomorrow is the day for Party Central in Ohio. Come one, come all, I've sent an invite to the neighbor geldings too. And yes, I agree no manure spreader or harrow for sure. Shy, you can be in charge of spin the bottle. I can't wait.