Tuesday, April 17, 2012

modeling & riding...

Camryn here:
Today was a perfect beautiful day.  Then Mom had to go and ruin it!!!  Just kidding there, but seriously Mom decided it was a day to ride, or at least putz about in the paddock and try out my new bitless bridle.  Have to say it rocks...
The head piece is all nice n padded, it's roomy enough for my big forehead too.  Mom says the leather smells delicious, I smelled it and didn't think much.  The reins can either clip on the side rings, making it a sidepull.  Or to the rope that criss crosses under my jaw making it operate from the poll.  Mom attached it to the latter part.  It even comes with matching reins.  

As you can see it matchy matches my saddle and pad making me a true fashionista. If you squint real hard you might be able to see that my new breast plate matches as well.  I rock in my new duds.  Mom didn't put my new cantle bag on yet.  It's not quite a perfect match but, it'll do.
About the riding, love, love, love being bitless.  First we practiced flexing side to side of course I was perfect and recieved lots of clicks and treats.  Then we backed a bit, next off we went on a little walk a bout.  All the work we did with leg cues last year came right back to me (more click/treats of course).  Oh, nearly forgot to mention Mom got a new treat bag at Equine Affaire too.  Mom barely even had a chance to use the reins I was soooo awesome.  We also practiced my brakes and backing every time she had me "whoa".  After just a few times I took a few steps back every time we stopped. We even did a little trotting though Mom really needs some work in that area (bumping bottom if you know what I mean) Sadly Mom only rode in the paddock, I'd have much prefered checking out how easily it would be to grab grass with in a bitless, couldn't talk her into that "yet".  Mom says we'll give it a try once the pasture is dry enough that I can be out to graze and not be crazy famished for green stuff first.  I hate common sense sometimes!   
Mom has tons of Equine pix, though she still has to go thru them all.  Probably not till the weekend as she plans to play cowgirl with me after work if the weather remains cooperative.  Poor Dad won't be getting dinner cooked for him most likely the rest of the week.


  1. You are one good looking Haffie! And how cute to match! I like that bridle, very nice! What a good girl you were for your mom. Looking forward to more EA pics!

    Shy has got a big forehead, too.

  2. I have a bitless bridle and haven't used it for too long. I need to try it again.
    Your new bridle looks awesome!

  3. You make a great model just don't go for the size 0 look it's not a good look on haffys.
    I truly understand the bumping bottom. We are lucky girls that we have humans who are aware of how they are riding.