Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Sister Chilly...

Camryn here:
Mom found this ad the other day.  Her was soooo excited as it's my full sister!!!  Unfortunatly Mr Logic aka Dad pointed out we don't have room "yet".  But, Mom knows a lady who's really nice who's been looking for a Haflinger.  This lady came to visit me last summer and really liked me.  Course I'm not nor will I be for sale.  So anyhow, Mom thought of her and gave her a call.  Next week, Mom n Judy are going to go visit with Chilly.  Wouldn't it be sooooo awesome if they liked each other, I'd get to go trail riding with my very own sister!!!  Another plus is that Chilly is clicker trained which is something Judy wants to learn too.  I copy and pasted the ad for Chilly off of Horse Clicks so you could see it...
Registered Haflinger mare for sale. Chilled Champagne MRA is an 8 year old Haflinger draft type mare. She’s had dressage training over the past 2 years and shows good rhythm and balance in her work at a walk and trot; good circles too. Her canter is a work in progress. She's been worked over cavaletti and started over cross-rails. She's also been ridden western. She participated in a wagon trail ride a few years ago with her former owner. Super cute mover and goes in a snaffle. Her training includes clicker training, longe line and ground driven. Typical Haflinger, stops and looks, especially at anything new. She’s nosy! And in your pocket too she comes when you call in the field. Like most Haflingers, best for advanced beginner, youth or amateur. Stands for farrier, no shoes needed, very easy keeper. Email for more information, pictures or video. I’m selling her because of my health, otherwise I’d keep this mare forever.
Course Judy going to see Chilly doesn't mean it's a done deal.  Still I've got all hooves crossed, still if it doesn't happen.  If any of my lovely readers may be interested just go to horseclicks, then Haflingers in Ohio and you'll find Chilly.  Just make sure you're an awesome home if you do so!


  1. That is so cool! You found your sister!! I hope that everything works out. Fingers and hooves crossed over here, too!

    Can you imagine. . . Camryn and Chilly, the dynamic duo!

    Chilly is beautiful! Although not quite a beautiful as you, Camryn, but I can see the family resemblance!

  2. Yes, we do resemble each other. Though Chilly is a hand shorter and got the long mane gene.

  3. How wonderful it will be if all goes well. I will keep my hooves x'd too. My last foal Nugget is coming to live at the same place as me in about a month. I am so looking to taking my human out with Nug and his human.

  4. Oh, wow that's so wonderful that your very own babyee will be with you like that. I'd be over the moon with excitement.

  5. That would be fun. It's always fun to get several Haffies together... they rock!