Thursday, April 5, 2012

Signs of spring (graphic)

Camryn here:
Well, I know most people judge signs of spring by the appearance of things like this...
Isn't they pretty reflecting off of the pond in the yard?  Anyway, that's what most people see as a sign of spring.  Not my Mom, she works in a greenhouse so she's been seeing flowers for many months already.  Today begonia planting, tomorrow Gerber Daisies.
The picture below is rather graphic but, Mom said she knew it was spring when she saw this...

Can you see what it is?  It's a big ol garter snake eating a toad!!!  SIGH, you know now how abnormal my Mom is.  I mean seriously, how many people grab their camera to take a picture like this?


  1. Great shot! When I taught third grade I had a resident hog-nosed snake for a while. He would invariably eat his frog or toad when the kids were eating their lunches... in the room... watching him. Some folks thought that was gross - not the third graders!

  2. Yeah, my Mom doesn't think it's gross either (obviously)

  3. I would so grab my camera to take a picture of that! But with my luck, by the time I got it ready, the snake would have already swallowed the frog, haha!

    1. Not this frog, it was a bit to big a bite for the snake. Mom checked back a few times the snake finally finished dinner behind the generator.