Monday, April 30, 2012

How do I look?

Camryn here:  First off so sorry for my absence, no real reason.  Just nothing blogworthy I guess.
Mom finally got around to trying my new Boett Sweet Itch rug on me...
Do you think it makes my butt look big?

I feel like a Victoria Secret model, with my new lingerie and all...
Dad helped Mom get me dressed the first time as the entire thingie goes on over my head.  Mom worried I might object to not being able to see for a few moments but, I did just fine.  It's really very comfy and those midges can't eat me at all!!!  Only problem Mom has found with it is that when it rains the water slides offa my back then down into the belly band were it puddles up a bit.  Mom laughed as her unbuckled and emptied the puddle out.  Mom washed it the other day and put it back on today without any help at all.  I stood way still even though I didn't like my ears getting all bent up.  Please realize for the rest of summer I'll be wearing my "lingerie" in most pictures.  I can even wear it when we ride as the belly band comes off.  I do think it'd look better in hot pink with black lace trim however!


  1. It might make your Butt look big,but every other Horse I know is jealous,of you,No Bugs to fight this summer? You LUCKY DUCK!!!

  2. Pippin here, you darling, gorgeous thing, you! I adore your new lingerie, sexy shirring and all. You look like a fluffy pillow ready for a hug and a squeeze. Mmm-mm..... wish I was there!

  3. Looking good girl! Here is to no more sweet itch!!
    Pippin is right, you do look like a pillow! A cute pillow!

  4. You look wonderful in your new nightie. No your bum doesn't look big, you have a wonderful ample rear which is very beautiful just like the rest of you. Imagine how silly you would look with one of those skinny tb bums.
    I like my nightie human calls mine my baggy drawers.

  5. A pillow LOL, that cracks me up. And I'm always ready for a hug! Thanx everybody, glad you think it looks good on me. I'm liking being midge free for sure.