Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mice B Gone...

Camryn here:
Mom's been complaining about a rodent takeover in the barn.  Someone must have been eavesdropping cause look what showed up at the barn...
A mouse trap!!!  It's been hanging around a few weeks but, just yesterday decided to allow Mom near.
It's been making itself right at home too.  You can see it's become quite familiar with things around here while Mom n Dad haven't been looking.  Mom says it's a calico so that means it's either a girl or a sterile male.
She also noticed via her zoom lens that kitty is a Hemingway aka polydactl kitty.  It's got extra toes!

Onyx asks, "Can we keep it Mom?  Can we pretty please?"  Mom says if it eats mice that the answer is "yes"!!!  And since Mom saw it leaving the barn last week with a mouse in it's mouth that means we've got a barn cat.
You may recall the kittens that showed up two summers ago that Dad found homes for.  Well, she's sure hoping this one gets to stay :)


  1. Barn cat is cute! He needs a name now. . .

    1. Yeah, Mom is throwing names about. Mom took the picture of Onyx with the cat and added a caption with Onyx begging to keep it on the computer desktop. That did it, it stays. Gotta get it fixed though. Mmmmm doesn't look broken to me!!!

  2. I totally believe that animals that appear are meant to be there.
    Congrats on your mouser!

  3. Well, kitty is pretty sure she belongs here that's fur sure!

  4. Great kitty! I also have a calico cat with 5 new kittens, in my barn! LOVE, the extra paw!!We have some Manx in our cats,they are great hunters,even go to the damn & bring back young ducks, for their kittens!!