Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nekkid for a little while...

Camryn here:
This is one of the few times you'll be seeing me buck nekkid during the summer months.  Mom had to take my sweet itch rug off to wash it, so while it was off her took some pictures of me for a change.  Instead of those dreadfully adorable kittens!
Nekkid and eating, a wonderful combination I'm thinking :)
Just heavenly all this delish grass...
Mmmph, nom, mmmph, kinda hard to talk with my mouth full...

Mom's been taking me out to handgraze, right now I'm up to 20 minutes.  In a coupla weeks "if" the pasture ever dries she'll let me loose stead of keeping a lead on me.  In the meantime, she remains attached and my time is limited.  Though of course her has to take time to play with the dreadfully adorable kittens before I get my grass time!!!  What's up with that? 
We've been riding with my bitless in the paddock.  Mom says we'll only use it where there is no grass.  The neighbor went to a clinic and the teacher said "if you can't control your horse on the ground, you shouldn't be on it at all".  Neighbor told Mom that, when her said she'd only do bitless in the dry lot with me for now.  Mom just laughed and said "if her was turned loose in a cheesecake factory she'd be uncontrolalbe at first too!"  That's cause Mom knows after all winter I just can't help myself and will settle down once I'm on grass most of the day again.  I like that Mom gets that kind of thing myself. And I don't mind wearing a bit when her feels it's best at all.


  1. You look beautiful! Pippin and Doc would love to come graze with you. The grass does look yummy! Our grass had actually started to get crunchy - but then we've had some rain over the last week, so all is green again.
    Doc feels the same way about all of that grass when we are out riding. I mean, what's the sense of having all of that right in front of your face if you can't take a bit now and then!

  2. Shy is getting out of hand with the dive bombing, I had to step up my game with her. But it is kinda hard to blame her. . .I guess if I Was a horse it would be hard to resist!

    Your mane looks gorgeous! Shy's falls the same way over her head. Glad that you are doing good in the bitless. I keep telling myself one day. . .far away, but one day!

  3. I got my nightie back on today. First time in ages as the weather here has been very anti midge.
    It's lovely seeing you having fun. I like grass and I'm not allowed as much as I want either. Humans are no fun sometimes.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments. It is so much fun eating :). My nightie is back on now SIGH! But, at least the bugs can't eat me and I'm not all itchie!