Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Burn baby burn...

Camryn here:
On Sunday after the Hero awards Mom got busy in the pasture.  Lots of trees back there so lots of clean up to do after winter and spring storms...
Hard to tell in the pic how big the pile started out as, due to the long grass. Mom tries to gather it  into a pile thru the winter.  Let me just tell you it was HUGE!!!
This was just some of the stuff that had come down in the most recent storm.  Take note on how long the grass is behind it.
Burn baby, burn...

I of course supervise from a safe distance.  Mom has a muck bucket full of water and the hose at ready just in case.  Yup, you can tell there be a Fireman guy in the family :)

Just like magic the pile is all gone.  Actually, it took coupla hours to dissapear...
Tree limbs gone AND grass mowed!!!  While I hate seeing all that delicious grass go to waste, I do understand that my pasture would never dry if it didn't get mowed.  All that long stuff keeps the water trapped and makes tons of bugs.  Of course the day after we had the big rain come thru sooooo, it's all wet again.  Least it should dry out quicker, I can only hope.


  1. Oh, how I wish we could burn! Our county has a burning ban on now and we have piles of dead trees and branches here and there. We did get a tree guy to come by today. He gave us an estimate for cutting down a few dead trees and limbs and reducing our piles to mulch. Ouch....expensive. But, that's the way things are done out here!

  2. Hi Camryn! Havent been around for a while, but back now. Shame about the long grass, I could see how you`d love it!