Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kittes @ 4 weeks...

Camryn here:
My kittens are growing, their about 4 weeks old now.  Still in their hay castle as luckily they haven't figured out climbing "yet".  Thought they are getting personalities.  Momma Margaux sticks pretty close to them, she'll wonder off for bout 1/2 hour than back to her kittens. 

Most curious and eager to explore still.  Can you see the extra toes?...
See, while siblings hang with Momma this one wants it's picture taken...
Gold head is still pretty curious too, little Calico head is beginning to explore more...
Black spot head still does best with being held.  Ginger one is getting to like it more, so is Gold head...

Check out Black Spot heads tail, it matches it's head.  The only color it's got is the black spots, tail and black on it's hocks.  All their tails match their head markings.  Mom didn't get pics of little Gray Tabby cause it never came out from eating.  She'll be sure to get that one included soon I'm sure!  Mom is making sure each kitten gets holding time, so's that they'll be people friendly when heading to new homes.  She's starting to give them warm kitten milk replacer in a saucer, Gray Tabby & Black Spot head are catching on to it.  Margaux is happy to clean up the saucer for them :)


  1. They are so cute. Is there some sort of sign at your driveway indicating that wayward, unwed cats are welcome - along with their children?
    I adore the new header picture. Love those lips!

  2. Thanks for the cute kitty fix!!
    I love the new header, too! You get the best photos of Camryn! Those hay eating lips are so cute, I wanna grab them :)

  3. Yeah, we must be. Actually this is the first Momma with kids. Took me a lot of shots to get the lips for the header. So Haflingerish I thought.