Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mom was gone alllll day...

Camryn here:
Yesterday was an odd one.  Mom came down in the morning as usual, fed all us barn kids then I didn't see her again till past dark!!!  Course her had given me my normal breakfast and added a bit more in my nets.  She told me where she was going but, I was eating and didn't listen. Dad came down after work and gave me a late lunch.  It was raining real hard and I stood at the gate waiting for Mom, it seemed like forever I tell you.
Seems Mom's human gurl had to have hernia surgery.  So, Mom drove two hours to pick her up, then to the horsepital, then sat and waited forever (course her had a horse book to read).  Jillians surgery went fine, she woked up and was released from the horsepital.  Then Mom drove three hours more to take her to Jillian's Dads house to stay and recuperate.  Seems Jillian would prefer a big city house to ours.  Plus her Dad only has one old dog while we have several and Jillian didn't feel like getting jumped upon after being cutted open.  Next Mom had to drive back home, shoulda been 45 minutes, but cause of the rain the time doubled.
Finaly Mom is home and comes down to me, I'm like "Mo-om I've been standing in the rain waiting, did you forget me?".  She said "certainly not" then explained her day.  Her took my soppy wet sweet itch rug off, fed me and tried to clean up my stall while I ate.  Tried being the key word as I wanted to roll, so her gave that up as a lost cause.
I'm really, really glad our Jillian gurl is OK and hope she's not to ouchie.  Probably feels all colicy today I'm sure.
Since it was raining this morning Mom didn't put my rug back on before work.  When her came home the bugs were out and I was ready for my rug.  Soon as I saw it I came right over, I love my rug.  I know what it's for and stand ever so still while Mom pulls it over my head and gets me all dressed.


  1. I'm glad the surgery went well.
    Camryn, you are so patient. It's hard when Haffie schedules are tweaked a bit.

  2. Glad the surgery went well.
    Scary when moms go away for a while! Good thing she came back and got that rug on you! The bugs are already getting bad. . .

  3. Ah so that's where the rain we was promised went. I ended up in the sunshine with my new mud coloured rain coat on all day.
    Hope Jillian feels better soon. How can she want to be a city girl....humans are very odd.

  4. Thanks everone for Jillian well wishes. She's doing good, her 19 year old 1/2 brother has been designated as her nurse maid hee hee.
    yeah we don't know where her gets the city girl thing from. Certainly not from Mom that's fur sure.