Friday, May 4, 2012

Report on Yesterday...

Camryn here:
     Yesterday was a very busy day so lots to report.  Unfortunatly one of the things to report is the reason this post is minus pictures.  Mom dropped her camera on concrete no less, the zoomy part was just coming out as it hit.  The camera is dead.
     Her had pulled the camera out of her camera belt pouch to take pictures of me looking good and being good for my Vet check/spring shots.  So no pictures of me looking gorgeous and getting tons of compliments on not just my behaviour but my weight too.  Mom & me had an adventure going thru the woods to go see my Vet lady, I was soooooo goodnspecialy for having not left our property since Mom's rib breakage thing last fall. Vet said I was in perfect weight, can't see ribs but, they are there and commended us on my weight loss since two years ago.  Had my teeth checked and don't  need no dental work yet, we'll check again in the fall.  I just stood still during my shots with no reaction at all.  Mom tied me near some grass while the other horses there got their stuff done.  I ate all the grass then just stood like a lady.  Being the barn is all geldings Mom was wondering if I'd be a whinnying girl but, I wasn't.  Then Dr. came out to do my strangles vaccine, she asked Mom to untie me cause horses hate the strangles part.  Mom just smiled and untied me knowing what my reaction was gonna be.  Vet stuck it up my nose, squeezed and I just smiled!!!  Her just laughed and said why can't all horses be like that.  Mom says cause only special ones are so good.  Anyhow, then we walked on home thru the woods an Mom let me stop to munch lots cause I was so awesome.
     Next, Mom went to get kitty food for Margaux kitty since her be staying and litter stuff too.  Mom don't know if barn cats use litter but, thought it would be best just in case.  Mom feeds Margaux kitty, then fills Margaux potty box, goes to tuck the litter container against the wall behind the hay and finds....(this is where the camera being broke is painful) a litter of kittens!!!  Seems it's to late to fix Margaux cause she was already broken but good.  The kittens eyes are just open so Mom guesses they be like three weeks old.  Most likely she'd had them elsewhere and had moved them about the time she began hanging out daily.  There are five of them and a smorgasborg of colors.  Margaux is a super Mom which is probably why Mom didn't know they was there, their super chubs and contentedly quiet.  Margaux is also super freindly to Mom now, so her is thinking she'd been someones cat till she gotted pregger and then became a drop off.  Sooo, anyone want a mitten kitten???
     Soooo, Mom just got back from buying a new camera one with more substance and a good grip.  A Nikon oolpix L810, gots super duper zoom and lots of other bells n whistles.  It's a point/shoot cause Mom doesn't use the aprature manual stuff often on any of her cameras.  Her'll miss that a bit but, will get over it. 
She promises pictures of the "mitten kittens" tomorrow.  They're ADORABLE!!!  Dad is stunned of course hee hee.

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  1. Margaux says that you needed mousers, so she brought mousers, haha! Can't wait for the photos on the new camera! Gotta love baby kitties.

    Good job Camryn on your excellent behavior!! Such a good Haffie :)