Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our very own Hero...

Camryn here:
Today something very special happened.  Some of you may know that one of Mom's boys is a Fireman.  He and several others in his Dept. recieved something wonderful today...
Heartland Hero Award
Of course they're all heros for just doing what they do.  Still it's so wonderful for them to be recognized like this.  The Awards were given to several area people for coming forward and saving lives.
The Sharon Center Fire Dept. was recognized for a particular incident involving an accident with a Mom her children and a neighbor on their way to church.  All were taken care of, including a 7 year old that had spinal injuries and had to be life flighted.  Because of their quick action the boy and the others all lived.
Mom had to include this picture cause of Christopher's beautiful smile!
Chris & Sam
Mom is beyond proud of our Chris.  Which is nothing new, he's always been her Hero!