Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Me time at last...

Camryn here:
     Finally some Me time.  Day started out as usual, got my nummy breakyfast.  Just as I was finishing up my trimmer arrived.  Great way to start the day getting a pedicure for sure.  Mom had noticed last week it was needing done, if my appointment wasn't scheduled already for the next week her'd have moved it up.  My feets really grew quicker than my norm.  Mom n Sherry think perhaps the Omega 3's combined with the season amped the growth.  If it's the same next time she'll bump me up to 7 instead of 8 weeks and go from there.  As always I have excellent feet and am as good as I intend to be.  Meaning I behave but, have a tendency to slowly lean and add weight to poor Sherry.
     Mom of course played with the young ones while I got to munch in my pasture later.  No hand grazing :).  After my allotted time her called my name, when I looked up right away I heard "CLICK" and of course headed right for Mom.  I got a little lunch after, while Mom cleaned my room n paddock area.
    When I was about done with that she headed for the house and came down with my saddle.  SIGH work time!  I've been doing so good with my bitless in the paddock Mom felt it was time to try it in the pasture for the first time.  She mounted up, we did our "flex, flex, back, flex, flex routine, then puddled about in the paddock.  At first being as I knew the back barn gate was open to grass I asked to go there a few times.  Mom said "NO", till I quit asking, then thru the barn we went.  I remembered I gotta whoa before leaving the barn from last year.  Once we were on the grass and with no bit, I asked to please eat some, Mom said "no".  So rather than bothering to ask again I simply told Mom that I was going to eat grass.  Mom said "NO WAY Jose" and even though my name isn't Jose, the way she said it I decided it was best to listen.  Great thing happened when I listened too, I heard a CLICK and got a TREAT.  So needless to say riding in the pasture even though I didn't get grass worked out great for me in the long run.  I did make a few half hearted attempts to head for the lushest grass area, but Mom simply asked for me not to and I listened.  Mostly we worked on my turns off leg cues, and practiced one rein stops at a walk.  We circled trees, followed Margaux, she followed us, I watched her head thru tall grass outside the fence then come back again later.  The last part threw me for just a minute, but Mom did the one rein that we'd been practicing.  I wasn't gonna take off but, Mom thought it a good moment to throw in what we'd just finished with.  Best thing about the one rein stop is I hear a CLICK and get a TREAT!!!  It was nice to be outta the paddock for a change.  One bad thing happened today, Mom moved the saddle back to the barn, so I'm thinking we'll be working lots more now SIGH. 


  1. Great job in the bitless! I can't blame you, trying for grass. . .Shy does. But it has to drive your mom crazy! I might start clicker training a no grass command with Shy!

    Back to work for you! Think of all the fun you and your mom will have on the trails! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Nice Job! I bet your mom was pleased.
    Doc and Pippin wish I would give them treats!

  3. Yeah no bit is awesome Shy. It is nice that I get treats, bummer though that I gotta earn em! You'd think I'd get some just for being a Haflinger wouldn't ya!

  4. Cole Train loves the click! I am teaching him to ground tie on grass, and he would gladly stand still for the clicker instead of trying to eat. Clicker is like magic.

    I miss the kitty pictures!

    Author of "Trail Training for the Horse and Rider" and "Trail Horse Adventures and Advice"

  5. This ad made us chuckle and think of you.
    A "Half Linger" indeed haha.

  6. Don't worry, Mom's gonna take 6 week old kitten pix tonight. Ha, those are Lingering Hafs LOL. Cute but, not as cute as me fur sur.