Thursday, May 31, 2012

YIPPEE, we get to keep one...

Camryn here:
News flash, news flash, Dad changed his mind and we get to keep Mom's fav kitten!!!  Mom figured it wouldn't hurt to ask once more, so her did.  And Dad said yes with no hesitation.
Her just pretending to be all innocent

Hay twine is easily multi purposed, the kittens all love it

Look at those dorable feet.  Bet they'll hold a mouse real good.
Margeaux is going to be thrilled that one of her little ones is staying here with her.  Now we gotta decide on a name.  For some reason "Maizee" (pronounced Mayzee) is what keeps coming to Mom when she thinks of a name.  Mariel is another but, the Calico may be called that for Mariel Hemingway.  So it may depend on what Pam wants to name her girl.  Both names are Mom's ideas.  So what do you think? Should she be Maizee or Mariel?  Dad said either way he'll call the girls M & M, ha ha Dad made a funny!


  1. I like Maizee! She is a cutie!!

  2. 3rd vote for Maizee. How wonderful to have another 4 legged rat catcher to live with you.

    1. Guess it's official, Maizee it will be. Thanx for the input we like it :)