Monday, May 21, 2012

Dreadfully adorable kittens AGAIN...

Camryn here:  Yet another Camryn post is pre-empted by those dreadfully adorable kittens AGAIN!  What is up with humans and babies?  Mom just melts when they come running across the hay all "mew, mew, mew".  Course she melts for my nickers too, so maybe I shouldn't be to upset?  That and she spends so much time melting over them I haven't had to work to hard either.  And they are cute, even I have to admit that.  I even enjoy standing at the gate watching them either tumbling about or napping now that part of the kitty hay castle is removed.

Don't they look all peaceful eating their mush lunch with Margaux...

Uh Oh, lunch time interuptous...

Sloppy lunch face is all concerned...

Calico freezes in place...

Scaredy cats getting all big.  Over what?

Onyx pokes his head up and they kittens get their first sight of a dog!!! Mom had just removed the hay bale so now we can see the kittens.  Before they'd been in a kind of hay castle surrounded by bales.  Their world is getting larger.  As you can see their dog sighting concern didn't last overly long before they headed back to lunch.
Calico and Grey Tabby are both spoken for, only three more to go!!!
Mom took tons of piktures, soooo I'm guess the next several posts will be pre-empted by cute kittydom.  Sorry guys.


  1. Keep the pictures coming! They are adorable. I hope you can find homes for them all.

  2. Camryn, you have a gift for words! Such great descriptions: sloppy lunch face, lunch time interuptous, mush lunch! Cute.

  3. Glad you guys are enjoying the kitten pix. Two have been spoken for, sooooo just three more. Course they'll be here till their old enough to leave Margaux. And course Mom is hoping to talk/con Dad into keeping one! I'm happy you like my descriptiveness :)