Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mom's back/I score big time...

Camryn here:
Mom's home from the Equine!  First off she and her friends had an excellant time.  She saw tons of Haflingers, oddly she didn't get many piktures of them this year.  To busy yakking and shopping is my guess.  She said Fantasia was beyond excellant and inspiring as is the norm.  Her fav was the therapy riding group.  Even though she needed tissues throut it as it touched her deeply.  Normally the Haflinger Driving Drill Team woulda been her #1.  After her telling me about more about the therapy group, I totally understood the Haflingers rating #2 though. 
Dad did good taking care of me, his stall cleaning is rather sub par but, Mom didn't mention this as he did try.
Mom shopped till she dropped and I scored big time.  Yowza did I ever score.  I got my bitless bridle, Mom tried it on me and it's very comfy and fits.  She knew how much I'd like one but, after looking at tons of various kinds was thinking "the right one" was going to be impossible.  She came across the Action Rider Tack booth and there it was, she said it called my name.  It matches not just my saddle but, my saddle pad to boot!! She promises to take piktures of me in it soon.  Course while we learn to use it, the bitless is just for at home use. I also got a new breast plate from them too, it's biothane so her can clean my sweat right off in a bucket!!!  She'd found an alpaca one she thought I'd really like but, realized my sweat would make it kinda yucky pretty quick like making it uncomfy when we do long multi day camping rides.  Also I got a really nice TrailMax cantle bag, it matches my pad n bridle it's snugs up to the back of my saddle so won't be flop, flopping on me as we trot n stuff.  I'll be a real comfy fashionista on the trail.  Shame that my renegades are red instead of burgandy though, they'll clash a tad I guess.  I got two new fly masks, bummer they're the kind I can't seem to get off easily.  But, they are earless which I explained to Mom last year that I prefer.  More Cowboy Magic for my mane n tail.  She ordered some new supplements for my sweetitch that contain Omega 3's, those will arrive later in the week. AND (drumroll)....a Boett Sweetitch Rug!!!  Mom's been wanting one for me ever since she figured out I have allergies to bugs.  But, they're way expensive, add shipping and it's beyond budget killing.  The Boett peoples were at Equine Affaire for the first time, Mom just happened to see their booth in her near fruitless search for a new fly sheet.  They were having a sale, Mom called Dad and I got one now!!!  Mom has to try it on me later this week.  So between the new rug and my supplements I'll be pretty itch free this summer and without steriods too.  Can you tell I'm happy about that!!!  She'll try to get pix of me modeling it when we try it on.
So, while I missed Mom this weekend, after she totally proved that she thought of me the entire time she was gone she has been completely forgiven for her absence :) 


  1. Wow! You did make out big time! I can't wait to hear about your bitless bridle! That is a goal for me and Shy, but first we have to get the riding part down. I am looking forward to your modeling photos!
    And yes, Fantasia was amazing!

  2. Doc here, I agree with Allison, you scored, big time! Lucky you!!

  3. Wonderful just as it should be. I look fotward to seeing the pics. Lucky you.

  4. Camryn here: No modeling today we're getting tons of wind. so I'll be to busy looking for Saber Tooths all day. I do feel very lucky about my score. Have been singing "I feel special, oh so special" ever since Mom came home :)
    I did miss her so much, I even let her scritch my head all over I was so glad.

    1. Oh man. I was really windy here, too! I would love to hear you sing that song :)
      Make sure Onyx helps you keep an eye out for those Saber Tooths.