Monday, April 9, 2012

New fun equine toy...

Camryn here:
Guess what I got a new toy and boy is it fun...
What is it you ask, well it's the same thing that Mom's humans played with most on Christmas morning...
My very own box!!!  If your imaginative like I am they're very cool...

This is my version of "Hide N Seek".  If you put your head in, the bring it out looking at your human it can also be a game of...


"Hey, Mom did you read these instructions first?  Oh, it's upside down, oops"

It's also a poor horse version of a fancy smancy equine ball.  Who says boxes don't roll!!!
Then you pose with what came in the box and play "I'm in a commercial"!!!  Dad got Mom a new shopvac to clean all the cobwebs n such from the barn.  Reason I got to play with the box was cause I kept trying to supervise pointing out spots Mom may have missed while cleaning my barn/house.  Yeah, I know shopvac noise is scary to most horses, not me though.  Same with the box, I thought it was facinating.  Mom contimplated putting the box over Onyx to check my reaction to a walking box, but thought better of than little experiment.


  1. Haha! You are so cute and creative! What a combo!

  2. Hey, that shopvac could also be used to clean the dust out of a Haflinger! My guys have been vacuumed a few times. It really does get all of that deep-down, ground-in dusty dirt.

    Camryn is so cute with the box. I'll have to try that with my boys some time.

    1. Mmmmm, I just can't wrap my head around vacuuming her. Though I did vacuum one of the dogs occastionaly.

  3. That looks such fun. I want a box. My birthday soon so hooves x'd.

    1. I bet your Mom would be more than happy to get you your own box too. Though I think they may be terribly expensive!