Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting groceries in...

Camryn here:
It's been so sloppy wet here that there was no way that our Hay man Jim would be able to get his truck into my barn/house.  I was getting worried as my stack was getting mighty low.  Mom saved the day though, she went and picked up a load in her truck.  Not a lot but, enough to make me feel secure in being sure to eat. Silly Mom was so proud of herself.  The hay guy throwed bales to her and told her how to stack in the truck.  Her did just what he said and didn't even need to tie the load (22 bales) down or anything.  She had straps to secure it, but Hay man Jim said there was no need.  Mom told him she'd be peeing her pants all the way home if her didn't tie it down.  Hay man Jim just laughed.  She said she felt just like a horse owner driving her load home.  See what I mean by Silly?  I mean she is a horse owner, soooooo just saying.
Once home, she had to wait for Dad to move the hay into my barn/house.  Dad was gonna just pull the truck back into the barn.  That is till Mom reminded him having a degree in engineering must not guarantee being smart.  I mean if the Hay man Jim's big ol monster of a truck wouldn't make it in and out, no way would her F-150 right!!!  So Dad plugged his brain back in and GOT R DONE!
Loading up the ATV, the bucket isn't just for movin dirt ya know...
I'm must casually munching on a snack tucked between the middle gate and back gate.  I have no clue what Mom n Dad or doing, nor do I care...

See how good Dad got it loaded!  He's pretty smart after all...

Here comes Dad driving yummies into the barn for me...

This of course caused me to look up from my snack. I'm like "what the @#%$"
Mom was standing nearby & explained I need not be concerned about hay with wheels headed right for me. 

Life is Good :)


  1. That's hard work - even with an ATV!

  2. Camryn here:
    Nah, it was easy really. Oh, you mean for Mom and Dad? Dad brought it in the barn and Mom stacked. I supervised!

  3. So glad you got your hay! We don't need any hungry Haffies out there :)
    Pretty smart work on mom and dad's part! Good thing you were there to oversee that all the hay got to where it needed to be!

  4. Yeah, who knows what they'd have done if I hadn't made sure they got it right!!! Once I get the loft full, maybe we'll have a party at my place ;)

  5. ooooooh party I like parties especially when food is involved.
    Mmmmmm hay, yum.xx

  6. I'll be sure to include you in the invite Zoe. Bring your nightie cause we gets lots of midges here. Course you could always borrow one of mine. I'm a big bodied gal too.